Way Up High


At Southlake’s Art in the Square, Mallory ventured on the climbing wall in the kids’ area. She made it up about half way and did really well for her first time on a real wall like this (there’s a mini wall at our playground that she loves to climb).


Enough Already


This is how I’m feeling lately. If I could take a sick day, I would.


This is what the photo album on my phone usually looks like after Tessa has had my phone. At least it entertained her today at IKEA.

No Cigar

I ordered seven pair of shoes from zappos.com and none of them fit right, including this super cute pair (although I might be able to get this pair to fit). Boo! Thank goodness for free shipping, including returns.



A little chillin’, a little restin’ and a little bit feeling under the weather (CP) with lovies by their side today after school.

A blur

I love that Chelsea figured out how to hula hoop (Mal was 5.5 before she learned how to. It helps having an older sister to guide the way.) For a long time her “talent” was showing us that she could hula hoop without the hoop. 😉


A meme for “5 random facts about me” was floating around Instagram and this was mine.

On the Brain

Looks like I have quilting on the brain. I have been playing around in Illustrator designing quilts (that I’ll probably never make).

Not Feeling Well

I thought it was just Chelsea’s allergies bothering her, but I think it’s more than that. She has a fever and I’ve had to give her breathing treatments because her breathing is labored. 20120430-172229.jpg

Dusting it off

I finally posted to my quilt blog today, after doing a bit of sewing at a retreat last weekend. I hadn’t posted to my quilt blog since November and hadn’t done any sewing since then either.

Picture Taker

Tonight was science night Chelsea’s preschool. I take pictures of all of the kids for all of the events at school for the kids’ Me Books. Since this event was a bit involved, I had two other moms help me. I took 250+ pictures and the other two got almost 200 combined. Even with that many photos, we missed getting candids of one boy. Doh! Thankfully his parents took some pictures and they sent them to me.

Mallory’s Turn

Mallory had her filling today and she also did great. She really wanted to get ‘sparkly’ teeth (meaning a metal(?) filling) but I convinced her that white would be better.

Snoring Granny

One of Tessa’s favorite bedtime books right now is The Napping House (“where everyone is sleeping.” Shhh…)


At the girls’ dental appointments last week, we found out they each had a cavity. Today, Chelsea got hers filled and she did great.

Catch & Release

Jonathan took the girls to the park with their nets from Gran and Gramps to try and catch butterflies. Surprisingly they caught a couple.

Beyond Yum

I was on a quilt retreat this weekend and Michelle’s husband made and brought us dinner Saturday night. It was delicious.


Chelsea has been patiently waiting for her package with Legos and it finally came today. She was so excited.


The girls and I stood at the Target pharmacy counter for 35 minutes trying to get some prescriptions (lots of issues: insurance didn’t go through, wrong dosage, wrong item). Thankfully the girls were fairly patient.

Hello Again

I lost my quilting mojo back in August. I sewed a little in November, but other than that have not really thought about quilting much (I am scrapbooking/memory keeping instead). I think I may have found my mojo again and am hoping it sticks around.

Lego my Legos

The girls used their own money to order some more Lego sets, after enjoying the sets Mallory got for her birthday. Mallory’s set came today and they put it together all by themselves.

Crazy Money

Instagram, the app that I use on my phone to process my 365 photos, is a photo sharing social networking medium. It doesn’t generate any revenue and yet Facebook just bought it for a crazy amount of money.


We went bowling as a family for Mallory’s birthday and had a lot of fun. Jonathan rolled a 200+ score for the first time ever.


This is how we do birthday cake in our house: pink panCAKES with sprinkles. Happy Birthday, Miss Mallory!


There aren’t a lot of ‘fast food’ places where the girls can eat. Thankfully they like Chipotle (carnitas + rice) because it’s one of my favorites too (chicken + lots of other toppings).

Too close

A series of bad storms rolled into town and spawned off about a dozen tornadoes. The closest damage to us was in Arlington (about 30 mins away).