June 26, 2012 at 05:11PM

This is how we are keeping cool this week (3rd day in a row!). #i365

June 02, 2012 at 06:40PM

Mallory’s reaction when she found out she couldn’t have the “vegan” pizza at Mellow Mushroom because the crust has eggs. Boo. #i365
Correction! It turns out the wait staff didn’t know and was just being precautious. They do have a crust with no dairy or eggs. Woot! One vegan pizza coming up!

May 27, 2012 at 10:25PM

I am having fun editing the pictures from the mini-session I did yesterday with the S girls. I had many more useable shots, compared to when I went out with my own girls. #practicepracticepractice #i365

I heart technology

I do two things with the daily iPhone pictures that I take and process through Instagram. (1) I create photo blog posts so that our extended family can get a glimpse of what we are up to on a daily basis; and (2) I print the pictures and add them to our family Project Life photo albums.
The process of creating the blog posts from my iPhone takes a few steps (after processing and posting the picture to Instagram, I create a new blog post using the WordPress app. To add the picture, I have to find it in my photo album and upload it from my phone. Then I have to retype the caption for the photo. Then I hit “publish” and I’m done). The steps aren’t hard, but there’s some redundancy in the process.
The redundancies have now been eliminated, thanks to ifttt.com (‘if this then that’). This site “[puts] the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit [the ifttt] structure.” Meaning, I told ifttt to create a blog post whenever I post an instagram picture tagged with #i365. AND IT DID IT.
In one word, AWESOME.


Mallory woke up wheezy today so we’re on her second nebulizer treatment of the day. It was only three days ago that I told her pediatrician that she hasn’t had to use her nubulizer at all this year. I guess I should have knocked on wood. :/

So close!!


Seeing these books in there, all 31 of them, and knowing that they are basically done is SUCH a relief. There is only one event left to photograph/document. After that, each book needs just one more page (with only ONE picture of each child per page) and then the books will be completely done. The event is on Tuesday the 15th and I’ll edit/print pictures that night; we’ll finish the books on Wednesday the 16th; and then the kids will get their books on Thursday the 17th.

Take 2


To say that I am focused on the Me Books is an understatement. It’s all I’m doing these days, or so it seems. I was up at the preschool again today for a meeting and to (re)take some pictures, including the casual class picture for the two year old class. The first time I took this picture, the results were less than good. I decided to try again and got much better results today. I still had to swap out more than half the kids’ heads for the final picture, but at least the problem areas were fixable via photoshop this time.

Time to Archive


I was curious as to how many pictures I’ve taken at the preschool this year. In just a few clicks I learned that number is just over 6,000. That’s a lot!

Double Up


The darn recycle truck came just right after 7 AM last week, so we missed getting our recycle picked up. This week I made sure to put it out first thing (even with just a couple of hours of sleep). We think the garbage and recycle trucks like to vary their collection times to try and throw people off their schedule so they don’t have to pick up as much each week. Silly.

Wee Hours


It was a late night for me, with getting ready for a Me Book meeting Tuesday (in less than 6 hours). On top of the work I did last week, I also worked all weekend. And I continued all day Monday/today (yesterday?), in between school drop-off/pick-up and gymnastics. I am generally a procrastinator, but with this project I feel like I have been on top of it for the most part. There’s just a ton to do and I’m learning as I go. Next year should come together more easily with less work and time involved. A side note: I can’t imagine being a work-at-home-mom with a paying job to do at home. It is so hard to get stuff done with the girls around!



This girl entertains herself while the girls are at gymnastics by playing with my old iPhone, coloring, snacking or looking for the girls out in the gym. She does a good job of waiting for a young two year old.

Books Books Books


Before the school year started I decided I wasn’t going to do a lot of volunteering. I thought I might help out here and there, but that was all I wanted to do. Then the Me Book project came along (they are like personal yearbooks). Not only did I volunteer for it, but I decided to head it up and take most of the pictures for it too. In the last week I’ve probably spent at least 30 hours working on the books, not counting the two days I was up at the school taking pictures. My little team and I have been meeting once a month since September and we’ve been meeting weekly for the last month. There’s a lot of work to be done for these books but it’s worth it.

Stacked High


I have been taking pictures for the Me Books at Chelsea’s preschool all year. I have a small team of moms that help me assemble the books. The end of the school year is fast approaching so it is time to buckle down and get the books finished. I printed this huge stack of photos today and it’s a small portion of what is going in the books.

Pony Party


I like when the girls mix and match the toys they play with, like making their ponies a castle out of their wooden blocks. I remember making my ponies stables and houses out of legos when I was little.

Lunch at Liberty


Mallory has wanted me to come have lunch with her all year and we finally did it. The little girls and I brought her Wendy’s Chili to eat and she invited her friend S. to sit with us at the visitor table. She’s funny though because she didn’t really talk to me while I was there. I guess it’s just fun to sit at the special table.

Car Line


This is my view Monday through Friday right around 3:00. It is hard to believe the school year is nearly over. We’ll have a first grader before we know it!

It’s Raining


Mallory likes taking showers but doesn’t get to do so much since Tessa normally needs to be bathed too (and it’s easier to put all three in the bath). Tonight I decided to let the three of them try the shower to see if it’s something the girls could do on a regular basis. Tessa thought it was pretty neat and would look at me through the curtain and say, “Mommy, RAINING!” Verdict after the shower: I think we’ll stick to baths for the time being. It’s still a little dangerous (slippery) for a two year old.



This girl cracks me up. She discovered this pettiskirt (from her cousin) in the dress up clothes and insists she wear it like a dress. She says she’s a “PIN-tess” (princess). Today she found the crown and added that to her ensemble. Apparently princesses have to go grocery shopping too, just like the rest of us.



I ordered a new shelf for my creative space and was putting it together when the girls found the box it came in. For a minute there I thought I had cats and not girls with me. What is it with boxes?!

Identity Design


A quilting friend of mine is opening up a sewing lounge in Dallas and needed some help with her logo and business cards. At this stage in the process, Michelle was finalizing logo colors. I’m so excited for Michelle and her new venture.