I heart technology

I do two things with the daily iPhone pictures that I take and process through Instagram. (1) I create photo blog posts so that our extended family can get a glimpse of what we are up to on a daily basis; and (2) I print the pictures and add them to our family Project Life photo albums.
The process of creating the blog posts from my iPhone takes a few steps (after processing and posting the picture to Instagram, I create a new blog post using the WordPress app. To add the picture, I have to find it in my photo album and upload it from my phone. Then I have to retype the caption for the photo. Then I hit “publish” and I’m done). The steps aren’t hard, but there’s some redundancy in the process.
The redundancies have now been eliminated, thanks to ifttt.com (‘if this then that’). This site “[puts] the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit [the ifttt] structure.” Meaning, I told ifttt to create a blog post whenever I post an instagram picture tagged with #i365. AND IT DID IT.
In one word, AWESOME.

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