Putting it All Together

To complete this project properly, I need to finish printing the pictures and put them in an album. I will also incorporate the photo captions I posted on this blog into the album. Method? TBD but I have an idea.

I was partly inspired to do this project after seeing CK‘s January 2009’s kit of the month: Project 365 by Becky Higgins (pictured below). I didn’t hear about the kit until after it went on sale and it sold out almost immediately, so I had no chance to order it. I used to scrapbook, but I’m not very good at keeping up with it, so I like this method of documenting our life. A little more than a photo album with only pictures but a whole lot easier than traditional scrapbooking.

Sample Completed Interior Pages from Kit (pages contain photos + space for captions):

For my DIY version of Becky’s kit, I am using an American Crafts 12×12 D-ring album in chestnut (brown) with added photo protectors for 4×6 photos.

I’ve printed about 100 of the photos so far and put them in the album and I love looking at them all together in a tangible format. I plan on printing the captions onto cardstock but I need to play around with them to see how best to incorporate them (most efficient = best since there are 350+ captions to deal with). In my head I picture each week’s worth of pictures’ captions being printed on a single piece of cardstock (~ 12×6) that gets hole punched and added to the album in between the photo protector pages. Does that make sense? Once I figure out how I’m going to do all of the captions, I’ll take a picture of the completed album to show what I did.

I better get busy getting my pictures ready to print (some still need their number *stamp* added) and get my captions prepped for inclusion in the album. If I don’t do it in the next month, it will never get done!


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