En Route Home. After finding out that Jonathan would need to be in Dallas Monday afternoon to fly out for a job, we made the decision to drive back home in one day (Sunday). We left before 9 AM eastern and arrived home around 11 PM central (so, 15 hours in the car). Luckily and thankfully, the motion sickness tablets worked for Mallory again. Chelsea isn’t much of a car sleeper and she’s started to get Mal’s cold, so she had a hard time in the car especially the last couple of hours (plus she’s still rear facing so she doesn’t have a clear view of the DVD screen without turning her head or watching through the mirror attached to her seat and she doesn’t like to keep her headphones on and she really doesn’t have the attention span or interest to watch shows yet).

Regarding the potty pic, in the middle of our trip, Mallory told us she had to poop, so we pulled out her mini-potty that we brought in the car just in case (public restrooms make a pregnant Lucia almost puke (even clean ones), so she wasn’t about to take Mal to go poop and Jonathan couldn’t do it because men’s restrooms at gas stations/rest stops/fast food joints are the last place you want to take a three year old who likes to touch everything). In the end, it was a false alarm and Mal only had to tinkle. We thought we’d save the picture to show her future prom date. 😛


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