^ still sleepy… (white balance/color is off here. boo!)

(color is really off here too)

^ digging into her stocking

^ trains – just what she wanted!

Early Christmas! Since we are going to be out of town on Christmas day, we told one of Santa’s elves and asked that he let Santa know to see if Santa would deliver the girls’ presents early, and what do you know, he did!

We were worried Mallory would not stay in her bed the whole night, since she likes to make her way to the master bedroom during the night for help going potty or before dawn for some cuddling. Very surprisingly, she stayed put all night. In the morning, both girls were excited to see what Santa brought. All Mallory wanted was a train (James specifically, the red engine on Thomas and Friends) and Chelsea was too little to understand the concept of asking Santa for presents.

Mallory did get her red train (and then some) from Santa and Chelsea got some trains too. Since Chelsea likes to play with most of Mallory’s toys, most of what the girls got from Santa were joint gifts: trains and a train track and a play tent that even Mommy and Daddy can fit in. Their stockings had some small goodies like stickers (Frosty, Spider-man, Thomas, Sesame Street), toothbrushes (M: Spider-man; C: Dora), Mr. Men figures (M), Dora/Diego/Boots figures (C), plus a Calico Critter. The girls also got a couple things for their play kitchen, some DVDs and headphones (for our long car trip in two days), a game, and some Calico Critter sets.

You’ll have to pardon our sparsley decorated Christmas tree. We never finished putting our ornaments on it (it has maybe 1/10 of what we have) because the girls took too much of an interest in them and even a couple of the “non-breakable” ornaments got broken. Ironically, the girls let ornaments be on trees that weren’t ours.


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