We like it, we like it! Now that we have had a few days to get drive and *learn* the new vehicle, there are certain features we really like. There are more features that the vehicle has to offer, but we have to figure those out first.

First, the Intelligent Key: it lets you start the vehicle with the turn of the nob. No need to insert a key. And to lock or unlock the vehicle when you are outside of it, you just have to have the key on you and then hit a button on the door handle. No fumbling to find your keys when your hands are full.

Bluetooth: this is the first vehicle we’ve had that has integrated Bluetooth that connects our phones to the vehicle’s interior system. We can make calls and answer calls through our car, basically hands-free. The only problem we’ve encountered with this is the girls can get a little rowdy, so using the speaker and hands-free feature can’t always happen.  The phone system is also voice-activated, but we haven’t taken the time to figure that part out yet.

DVD control: when the vehicle is in park with the emergency break on, the driver or passenger can view and control the DVD playing in the back of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moving, the passenger can still control the DVD (stop, play, FF) but can’t view it.  The girls are still too little to know how to use the remote so this feature comes in handy for the kids movies that seem to have endless previews and features. If we had done an aftermarket DVD install, we wouldn’t have been able to integrate it with the front screen this way.

Back-up Camera: this is the first time we’ve had a back-up camera on a vehicle. We didn’t think much of this feature before buying it, but being able to see what’s behind us really is pretty nice, especially when backing out of our little curvy driveway.

This is the first time we’ve really had to read the manual to get our vehicle to *work*!


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