The Princess and the Frog. These two girls really enjoyed dressing up and trick or treating this year; Mallory even got to wear a little bit of make-up. But as cute as their complete costume were, they didn’t last the night (hats didn’t make it to the trick or treating portion of the night).

We got a late start, trying to avoid the mosquitoes, and by the time the girls went knocking on doors, many of the houses were out of candy or didn’t have their lights on. After we got back home, the girls spread out their small stash of candy and were quite proud of and excited with what they had. The sad thing is that half of their small pile of candy they couldn’t even eat because it had milk in it (chocolate, tootsie rolls and pops, and caramel (like sugar daddies)). Mallory is old enough now to know and understand that she can’t eat certain things and had no problem giving it up.

We also swung by the Bentz’s house and got to see ‘Te-to’ the bee-dog.



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