Painting the Roses, err Walls, Red. We have not liked the color of the walls in our study since we moved in. They are a muted olive green. The color itself isn’t a bad color, it’s the combination of everything in the room that makes it not work.

The carpet is a dark brown. The large built-in desk and bookshelves, baseboards, crown molding and wooden ceiling beams are stained a medium brown. And the room is dark; it has one window that pours in light in a blinding way so that we keep the blinds halfway closed all of the time. None of the wooden elements stand out against the paint color in the dark room and it just looks blah and unappealing.

We’ve been trying to decide on a paint color for at least a year with large blocks of color painted on the wall. We asked Mallory if she liked the paint sample colors and she said, “no.” We asked her what color we should use and she said, “red, like James” (the red engine from Thomas & Friends). We laughed at first and thought no way. Then Lucia got to thinking and in combination with the red accents already in the room, a rich red might actually work.

So we bought our fourth can of sample paint and tried red on our walls today. We finally like the color on the walls, except that we want it to be a little darker. So this week, we’ll buy another sample with darker red to make sure that works. We can’t mess up picking out the color because it would be a costly mistake. We’re going to have to hire someone to paint the room for us because the cathedral ceilings are probably 15 – 16 feet high at their peak. And with the wooden beams there’s no way we’d be able to do all of the cut in work around them without renting scaffolding so instead of doing that we’re going to have someone else do it who has their own scaffolding.

Maybe in a couple of weeks we’ll have a completed picture of the study to share (including Jonathan’s new flat-screen wall-mounted TV that is on its way).


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