Baby Bunny. The Bentz family discovered that they had a rabbit hole in their yard that contained baby bunnies. They invited us over so the girls could take a look. Both girls were very good about gently petting the bunny with just one finger. There had been four baby bunnies in the hole originally, but only one remained when we came over. The rest had hopped away, having outgrown their home. They were growing up fast. Angie said they had quickly doubled in size since they discovered them the few days before (their eyes had been closed too). That means they had been tiny-tiny to start with because the one we saw (pictured) was so small it could easily fit in the palm of your hand. We contemplated making this bunny our pet and bringing him home, but we changed our minds after some quick research where we learned that they can live for 10 years; they need a varied diet of specific hay, vegetables and fruit (not just pellets); they need to be exercised daily and in general they take a lot of work.


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