A break-through. We’ve always been worried about cross-contamination with food allergens when it comes to serving the girls restaurant/fast food. Who knows if the spatula used to flip a cheeseburger is the same one used on a plain hamburger. Lucia went through Wendy’s drive thru and picked up a baked potato and chili for herself. Chelsea seemed interested in it at home, so Lucia looked up the ingredients online and they are dairy/egg free. Chelsea loved the chili with a little potato mixed in. Mal liked it ok. While looking up the ingredients, Lucia noticed that their plain hamburgers are also dairy/egg free and Wendy’s puts their cheese on the burger AFTER it’s been taken off the grill, so that should keep the chance of cross contamination low. (Not all burger meat or buns are dairy free). So, we’ll try hamburgers next. The conveniece of feeding the girls some fast food now is HUGE for us.

One thought on “210/365

  1. Hey L!! First off, congrats on the pregnancy. That is so very exciting! Also, I have a friend whose son has severe allergies….eggs/dairy/nuts. The corn dog/tater tot combo from Sonic is dairy & egg free…..I do know this b/c it is the one fast food he can eat. FYI!!

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