“EEE!” Chelsea has caught onto the whole “cheese” thing while taking a picture. She now makes this funny face and says “EEEE!” when a camera is pointed at her. To top it off, after the picture is taken she then comes around to the camera and wants to see the image on the back of the camera. Oh, and yes, she’s sitting in the sandbox (got there by herself) and has sand all over her face and in her hair (not sure if that was self-inflicted or sister-inflicted).

Another silly pic from the day:

Obviously very influenced by her sister, Chelsea likes to sit on the potty (usually with her clothes on, not something we encourage). We gave her a chance on the potty sans diaper to see if she could tinkle there. No such luck, but we imagine she’ll potty train much younger than Mallory has since Mallory can show her the ropes.


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