Chicken Goodness

A Milestone. The Wilke household rarely eats the same thing. Mallory cannot eat dairy or eggs. Jonathan has a strong preference for dairy products and dislikes a lot of healthful foods. Chelsea is just starting out and is not yet predictable with what she likes and cannot physically eat everything at this point. Lucia is stuck in the middle of all of that.

After trying a delicious dish at a neighbor’s house, Lucia tried to recreate it (it tastes better than it looks here). In the process she figured out she could make it in a way that everyone could eat it, even though it had cream cheese (substituted soy-based cream cheese — tastes fine), butter (substituted soy butter — tastes the same as normal butter) and crescent rolls (which are surprisingly dairy/egg free!). Mallory devoured her helping and asked for more; Jonathan even nearly cleaned his plate and Chelsea loved the chicken too. Success!


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